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Sachin Kamani
Sachin Kamani Executive Director
Sachin Kamani started as the Administrative Manager with The Company Theatre since it found base in Mumbai. He also operated as TCT's tour manager, organizing and facilitating performances in India and abroad. His production management skills ensured smooth functioning at all stages of pre-production, rehearsal process and running the shows. All this he performed with utmost sincerity and great aptitude. Now, Sachin is not only the Chief Project Manager for the Company Theatre Workspace, but is also the Executive Director of The Company Theatre. He also handles public relations as well as all major fund distributions.
Atul Kumar
Atul Kumar Artistic Director
Atul Kumar is The Company Theatre’s Founder Member and Artistic Director. An acclaimed actor and director with more than 25 years of stage experience, Atul has dabbled with different languages and forms of theatre & has showcased his work all over India & abroad. His basic performance training was in the traditional Indian Dance and Martial Art forms of Kathakali and Kalerippayettu in Kerala. He also learnt from his various travels abroad where he got to work with Compagnie Philippe Genty in Paris- France & Sacramento Theatre Company in California- USA. Atul was recently invited by Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in the UK to direct for their International Theatre Festival.

Amongst many grants he has been awarded French Cultural Fellowship, Charles Wallace Scholarship and Chevening Fellowship to develop his theatre pursuits in Europe.

He has served as a steering committee member of the International Network for Cultural Diversity, Canada and often participates in conferences, seminars and forums that are concerned with larger issues of art and culture. Atul also occasionally works in film and television.

Nimi Ravindran
Nimi Ravindran
Nimi Ravindran has worked in the theatre in various capacities for nearly 20 years-as an actor, director and producer. She has been a core group member of The Company Theatre for the last 12 years. She assists and advises TCT in the areas of fund raising, policy making, program development and resource management towards The Company Theatre Workspace. She was the festival director for the Kamshet Arts Festival 2014, the inaugural theatre festival at the Workspace campus bringing in acclaimed theatre, dance and music artists from across the country to Kamshet.

She is the co-founder of Sandbox Collective, an organization that works towards making the arts practice sustainable, tapping into resources for artists, and disseminating their works all over India and abroad. She was also artistic director of a Bangalore-based theatre company called Just Theatre and in her previous avatar was Assistant Editor of India Today Magazine covering arts and culture.

Sujay Saple
Sujay Saple
Sujay Saple is a performer, director and award-winning lighting designer. He is an integral part of any TCT performance - devising, ideating and often handling technical & production aspects as well. His lighting designs for recent plays of The Company Theatre have received much critical acclaim.

He also works as a theatre teacher at the Kamala Raheja Architecture College, Mumbai and frequently conducts theatre workshops for children and young professionals whilst maintaining a rigorous practice of theatre training himself. He is the founder member of ShapeShift Collective, a performance group invested in exploring movement, visual and physical dance/theatre vocabulary.

Rachel D
Rachel D'souza
Rachel Dsouza is a performer and writer, working in varied capacities with The Company Theatre Workspace. Her efforts are presently directed towards developing the artistic and administrative programme for TCT Workspace. She also handles all artist residencies at the Workspace and supervises farming and plantation activities on the campus. She maintains a keen interest in land preservation and building a self-sustained life/work module for artists at the centre.

She trained in physical theatre at LISPA, London International School of Performance Arts and has worked as a performer with different directors in clown narratives, musicals & theatre of objects, amongst other forms. In The Company Theatre productions, she often functions as a researcher and writer of performance texts for devised and adapted plays.


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