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Work at TCT Workspace

Studio Indoor – 15ft x 30ft, wood floor
Stage Outdoor – 20 ft x 30 ft, cement floor


Stay at TCT Workspace

Main Artist House – Dormitory Bedroom for 6 persons and Loft Room for 2 persons, 2 bathrooms attached

Prakriti Artist Cottage – 2 Bedrooms for 3 persons each, 2 bathrooms attached

Sunshine Artist Cottage – 1 bedroom for 2 persons, 1 bathroom attached

(All bathrooms have hot water facilities)


Meals at TCT Workspace

Community kitchen facility with dining space in is offered


Read & Watch at TCT Workspace

A small in-house library collection houses books on theatre, cinema, architecture, history, arts and culture and literature. It also boasts of a collection of world cinema on DVD.

What is TCT Workspace?

  • A residence cum workspace for theatre professionals through invitation
  • A space for concentrated training through corporal regime and research
  • A space to create new and experimental works by anomalous practice and research, amongst artists from different traditions and cultures
  • A theatre laboratory that will generate unpredictable contacts between theatre practitioners and other disciplines
  • A space that will create and disseminate new theatrical works all over india and abroad
  • A space that will propagate a lifestyle that will be organic and simple
  • A space that will provide all facilities necessary for creative thinking, working and development of new vision in performing arts

TCT Workspace is a fully functional residency that provides full boarding and lodging. The Company Theatre will soon enter a second phase of construction, creating a fully-equipped artist guesthouse comprising 8 bedrooms with attached baths and a community dining hall. This will enable us to host multiple artist groups at a time and thereby provide more opportunities for creative interactions.