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Theatre at Home

“If people do not leave homes to go to the theatres, we shall take theatre into their homes"

The Company Theatre started performing plays in people’s drawing rooms, terraces and gardens in February 2000 in Mumbai. These were short plays in different languages written by Indian and International writers, directed by various directors.

Every fortnight, The Company Theatre organised an evening of theatre performance at someone’s residence in Mumbai, where a small number of audience was invited and the show was performed with minimal lights, music, costumes, makeup and set.

The performance was followed by an informal meeting session where drinks were served and people from different walks of life interacted with each other and the artistes. There were no charges for this evening. A hat collection of voluntary funds took care of all financials.

Theatre at Home became so popular that many other theatre companies in Mumbai started performing in alternative spaces. Theatre at Home then spread to other cities like Baroda, Pune, Bangalore and Delhi. This lasted till 2004.

“A stately living room transformed into a makeshift stage with painted backdrops, borrowed props and portable lights. The audience sprawled on the floor or propped up by cushions. And to end the evening, a round of discussion, poetry reading and impromptu music sessions. Theatre is certainly going places”

- India Today