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TCT represented India at the International Network for Cultural Diversity between 2000 and 2003. INCD is an international network that acts as a counter-force to the growing influence of homogenization caused by globalization in the field of culture.

It is particularly concerned with the constraints created by international financial institutions and trade agreements to cultural policies and cultural protections. In December 2003, TCT organized an international conference on cultural diversities called “Vividha” in Mumbai.



In 2002 TCT organized an international conference in Mumbai which focused intensively on various aspects of design and facility of theatre performance spaces in India.




TCT represented India at the Royal Court Theatre’s International Residency Programme for Directors and Writers in 2008. Theatre directors from 16 different countries were invited for a residential workshop with British writers and actors.



From 2006 to 2008, The Company Theatre led a laboratory for youth theatre in Mumbai, bringing together talented, committed and hard-working young artists and providing them with a platform to explore their art further and produce exciting new theatre.

The EVAM Youth Forum organized several workshops for young theatre makers and interns and also created opportunities for performance in alternative venues. The performances created by Evam Youth Forum were performed in alternative spaces, as well as at major theatre festivals in India and abroad.




Clore Leadership Programmes are based in the UK. They organize workshops and residencies for emerging cultural entrepreneurs and leaders to explore new ways of heading cultural organizations keeping the changing trends and hardships in mind.

In 2009, TCT organized a tour of 4 Clore Fellows to India where they visited many different cultural organizations and met individuals and studied various ways in which Indian cultural sector works within a very limited financial structure.



TCT conducts and facilitates workshops that are specific to the requirements of a vast range of clients; performers, business houses, educational institutions and various other organizations. Although various skills and talents are tapped through these workshops, the emphasis is on participation rather than on performance.

Our workshops include tasks that sharpen the use of the participant’s physical and vocal aptitude, mimetic skills, imagination capabilities, group work and character study. The workshops steer participants towards new physical and theatre devising capacities, aiming to create a common creative vocabulary with other participants.

Some of our workshops have included:

  • Specialized theatre workshops for students in various schools & colleges across India
  • Residential dance/drama camp for children conducted in collaboration with Nrityagram, Bangalore
  • Movement based workshop for performers with Artistic Director DUENDE, John Britton, Mumbai
  • Clown Character Master Class conducted for Esplanade Theatre, Singapore
  • Benjamin Juel’s workshop & explorations of physical expression with actors in varied spaces, Mumbai
  • Dos a Deux, a group of 2 Brazilian dancers conducted a workshop for actors & dancers in Mumbai
  • Artists of TCT have extensively attended performance workshops by various teachers and directors around the world

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