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TCT is proud to have collaborated with the following individuals & organisations in the past:

Sacramento Theatre Company- California USA, Compagnie Philippe Genty- Paris France, Compagnie Dos a Deux- Paris France, Phacama Project- South Africa, Rene Migliaccio- USA, Manuel Aguilar- Spain/France, Alexander Vaughn- New York USA, Theatre du Grand Marche- Reunion Islands France, Benjamin Juhel- France, Tiyatro 0.2- Istanbul Turkey, Kham Inc- Taipei Taiwan, Cultch Theatre- Vancouver Canada, Soulpepper- Toronto Canada

Cinematograph- Mumbai, Teamwork Films- Delhi, Prithvi Theatre- Mumbai, Rangashankara- Bangalore, Nrityagram- Bangalore, Sandbox Collective- Bangalore


Some prestigious festivals across the world TCT has performed in:

New Directions in Indian Dance- Toronto & Ottawa Canada, Vivarta- London & Leicester UK, Reunion Islands Theatre Festival- Reunion Islands France, Port Louis International Theatre Festival- Mauritius, Rafi Peer International Arts Festival- Lahore Pakistan, Contacting the World Youth Theatre Festival- Liverpool UK, KIT TROPENTHEATER- Amsterdam The Netherlands, Salihara Theatre Festival- Jakarta Indonesia, Cameri National Theatre- Tel Aviv Israel, OME Entertainment- Dubai, Mediasphere- USA & Sao Paolo Brazil, NFA International Arts and Culture- London UK, Globe to Globe Shakespeare Theatre Festival- London UK, Shared History Arts Festival- Johannesburg & Pretoria South Africa, Excalibur Entertainment-  Dhaka Bangladesh, Esplanade Theatre Festival- Singapore, Scream Entertainment- Dubai, Shanghai International Arts Festival- Shanghai China, Instant Karma- USA, Original Theatre Festival- Muscat Oman, Wuzhen Theatre Festival- Wuzhen China, Festival Santiago a Mil Chile- South America, Theatre National de Nice- Nice France, Taichung National Theatre Festival- Taichung Taiwan, ITAKA Shakespeare Festival- Belgrade Serbia, Daegu International Musical Festival- Daegu South Korea, Confluence- Sydney & Melbourne Australia, Adelaide International Festival- Adelaide Australia

Prithvi Theatre Festival-Mumbai, Ranga Shankara Theatre Festival- Bangalore,  Bharangam National Theatre Festival (NSD)-Delhi JaipurNational Theatre Festival- Kannur Kerala, The Hindu Festival- Hyderabad Coimbatore Bangalore Chennai, National Theatre Festival- Chandigarh, Hamara Shakespeare Festival- Chennai, Gurgaon Utsav- Haryana, META Theatre Festival- New Delhi, Abhinaya National Theatre Festival-Hyderabad, Nehru Centre National Theatre Festival- Mumbai, Kala Ghoda Arts Festival- Mumbai, Bandra Arts Festival- Mumbai, Bangalore Habba Festival- Bangalore, National Theatre Festival- Lucknow Pune, Pukaar Festival- Mumbai, Prayatna Film & Dance Festival- Pune, Sunday to Sunday Festival Darpana- Ahmedabad, Old World Theatre Festival- Delhi, Vinod Doshi Theatre Festival- Pune


INCD, Canada

TCT represented India at the International Network for Cultural Diversity between 2000 and 2003. INCD is concerned with the constraints created by international financial institutions and trade agreements to cultural policies and cultural protections. In December 2003, TCT organized an international conference on cultural diversities called “Vividha” in Mumbai.


Making Space for Theatre

TCT organized a national (2001) & an international (2002) conference in Mumbai which focused intensively on various aspects of design, architecture and facility of theatre performance spaces in India.


Royal Court Theatre, UK

TCT represented India at the Royal Court Theatre’s International Residency Programme for Directors and Writers in 2008. Theatre directors from 16 different countries were invited for a residential workshop with British writers and actors.


Evam Youth Forum

From 2006 to 2008, The Company Theatre led a laboratory for youth theatre in Mumbai, bringing together young artists and providing them with a platform to explore their art further and produce exciting new theatre. The performances created by Evam Youth Forum were performed in alternative spaces, as well as at major theatre festivals in India and abroad.  A monthly theatre E- newsletter was run by EYF for more than two years.


Clore Leadership Programme

Clore Leadership Programmes are based in the UK. TCT participated in the workshops and residencies for emerging cultural entrepreneurs and leaders to explore new ways of heading cultural organizations keeping the changing trends and hardships. In 2009, TCT organized a tour of 4 Clore Fellows to India to understand how the Indian cultural sector works within a very limited financial structure.


Theatre Workshops

TCT conducts and facilitates performance workshops that are specific to the requirements of a vast range of clients; Children, Adult performers, Business Houses, Educational Institutions and various other communities & organizations. These workshops steer participants towards new physical and theatre devising capacities, aiming to create a common creative vocabulary with other participants.


Theatre at Home

“If people do not leave homes to go to the theatres, we shall take theatre into their homes”             

From 2000 to 2004 TCT collaborated with more than a 100 homes to use their drawing rooms, kitchens, terraces, backyards and gardens to be used as alternative spaces for public theatre performances. The success of the project led to shows in Baroda, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai.


Kamshet Arts Festival

In collaboration with Sandbox Collective in Bangalore, TCT organises a bi-annual, overnight arts festival at TCT-Workspace featuring an array of music, dance and theatre performances from all over India. This sunset-to-sunrise program is attended by thousands of audience members from across India, including the local village community. The Kamshet Arts Festival is usually supported by The Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India. The 12-hour performance showcase promises to be a significant and celebrated event in the cultural calendar of Maharashtra.


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