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TCT WORKSPACE is a five-acres arts centre based in Uksan village- Kamshet, set amidst the rural landscape of the Western Ghats. Located between the artistically vibrant cities of Mumbai and Pune, it is built to facilitate national/international artist exchanges, training programs and the creation of new performance work. Born out of the artist’s need for time, space, research and training, it provides practitioners with the environment and opportunities to explore new ideas, refine skills, share creative knowledge & grow in vision and craft.





  • to involve artists from around the world in creative residencies,

  • to generate unpredictable contacts between theatre practice and other disciplines,

  • to facilitate interactions amongst artist communities from different traditions and cultures,

  • to provide a wider range of facilities and equipment that ensure an artist's time is more productive,

  • to engage with as broad an audience as possible through an innovative programme of public performances,

  • to constantly examine TCT's artistic and administrative policies and to inject new ways of functioning,

  • to foster sponsorships, grants & collaborations with cultural organisations, philanthropic bodies and government schemes in India & abroad,





TCT Workspace stands today thanks to contributions from friends, well-wishers and art lovers from all over India; most crucially, from the fine arts community of India whose generous donations were the first financial pillar towards establishing this arts centre. The Workspace opened its doors to artist residencies in March 2012.




On a five acres property, that touches a perennial lake and is surrounded by the Sahyadri hills, we have developed spaces & facilities for up to 30 artists to reside and work together. Apart from varied accommodations for artists and students we have also created staff residencies, store-rooms, multiple kitchens and sit out spaces.


Work at TCT Workspace

Studio Indoor - 15ft x 30ft, wood floor

Studio Semi-Open- 23 ft X 32 ft Vinyl Dance Floor

Stage Outdoor – 20 ft x 30 ft, soft cement floor


Stay at TCT Workspace

Main Artist House – Dormitory Bedroom for 6 persons and Loft Room for 2 persons, 2 attached bathrooms

Guest House- 8 individual cottage rooms with attached bathrooms for 2/3 persons in each room.

(All bathrooms have hot water facility)


Meals at TCT Workspace

A large community kitchen with a dining space to accommodate more than 40 people at a time.  

Two smaller private and fully equipped kitchenettes are also available for resident’s private use.


TCT Workspace is a fully functional residency that provides full boarding and lodging. 

Nearby facilities include Trekking, Running, Rock Climbing, Paragliding, Swimming, Kayaking.







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